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Let’s collaborate!

Are you a colour-loving, like-minded creative with an inspiring idea, project or cause? They say that two (or a few) creative heads are better than one, so let's work together on your unique project or product design to create the perfect mix of colourful, feel-good art.

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Welcome to Lordy Dordie

I’m inspired by colour (and a few other things)

I’m part of a long line of art and textiles makers

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist

I create art, surface patterns, teach, have an extensive knowledge of fabrics and licence my art in collaborations. My art and surface patterns have appeared on many different creative collaborations such as fashion, yoga mats, jewellery, dog accessories, tote bags and lanyards – I love working with like minded creatives to share my colourful art far and wide.

My values

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