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Shop limited edition client collaboration products showcasing my original licensed artwork - small selection are exclusively available here!

I love working with like-minded individuals, companies and causes and I'm open to creative ways of making that happen. Shoot me an email at with a proposal on how we can work together. Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. RUBY OLIVE x Lordy Dordie Rainbow Lanyard - GREEN (With Safety Clasp) - Lordy Dordie Art
  2. RUBY OLIVE x Lordy Dordie Rainbows Shopper Bag - Lordy Dordie Art
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  3. RAINBOW DAISES Lanyards - Ruby Olive x Lordy Dordie x Mrs Edgars COLLAB - Lordy Dordie Art
  4. RUBY OLIVE x Lordy Dordie Rainbows Wrist Lanyard - NAVY - Lordy Dordie Art
  5. RAINBOW DAISIES Wrist Lanyard -Ruby Olive X Mrs Edgard X Lordy Dordie COLLAB - Lordy Dordie Art
  6. Pattern Pulse Book - Exploring the Art of Australian Surface Designers - Lordy Dordie Art
  7. RUBY OLIVE x Lordy Dordie HAPPY MAIL - Set of 10 Colouring-In Postcards - Lordy Dordie Art