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Interview with F-Magazine 

F-magazine celebrates Australian female success across ages, industries and lifestyles. 

Artist and designer Georgina Forbes


 Interview with LIZ GOLDING (Stylist) for her #designermeetups Blog series 

Lordy Dordie Fashion Show Brisbane


IRONLAK - Interview with IronLak  about the Lordy Dordie Fashion Range


    DESIGN FILES – Lordy Dordie Art Plywood Tile Wall designed for the Rosalie Plinth House

     Home Beautiful - September 2018

     10 page feature showcasing the Lordy Dordie Art Plywood Tile Wall Installation

    CARVED OUT TIME FOR ART Interview with @carvedouttimeforart






    2019 - Awarded People’s Choice in the "Lethbridge 20,000 Small Scale Art Award" at the Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington Brisbane.

    2018 - Awarded Judges Choice in the "Petite Pieces" Competition at the Aspire Gallery, Paddington Brisbane.