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CORE KIDS X LORDY DORDIE Collab - Lordy Dordie Art


Nicole Mulholland - CORE Kids Health and Education

CORE Kids x Lordy Dordie Collab 

"I worked with Georgie to produce matching parent and child yoga mats for my CORE Kids brand. I wanted to feature bright beautiful designs from Australian artists to encourage children and parents to connect together through movement and mindfulness and I was immediately drawn to Georgie's delicious art works. Her 'sunrise' design was a standout for me. Rainbows are my favourite and feature in a lot of my CORE Kids classes and after speaking to Georgie on the phone, I knew that I had made the right choice. Her personality shines as beautiful as her art and I was so glad she agreed to collaborate with CORE Kids. The rainbow 'sunrise' design is featuring to be very popular. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Georgie."


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