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SISTA & CO X LORDY DORDIE Collab - Lordy Dordie Art


Rory Martin - Sista & Co

Sista & Co x Lordy Dordie Collab 

"Lordy Dordie and Sista & Co. have join forces to collaborate on a gorgeous hand fan design from Georgies’s Neon Natives design. I had been following Lordy Dordie for sometime on Social Media and was just loving the pieces Georgie was creating, her brand personality and just overall zest for colour was just beautiful, so I thought why not, let's see if she wants to collaborate and create something fun for Summer! Working with Lordy Dordie was absolutely amazing! Georgie is extremely professional and so amazingly nice that working with her is an absolute pleasure. Everyone is absolutely loving her Neon Natives piece with so many wonderful comments and feedback. The colours and vibrance is absolutely amazing! I want to do more now, as working with Georgie has been an absolute delight!"

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