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NICOCO X LORDY DORDIE Collab - Lordy Dordie Art


Joanna - Nicoco
"Oh Lordy Dordie!! What can I say except that like her work the sun shines out from Georgie.

My partner and I are a new business, Nicoco Design, (no webpage or insta yet) who are making wearable art. My business partner found Lordy Dordie on insta and was immediately drawn to her colourful, sunny, happy designs. We contacted her without knowing a thing and only a vague idea of what we were doing. Georgie was immediately helpful, interested, supportive. She set up an international call (I am currently in France) so that we could talk more in depth, giving us both the opportunity to get a feeling. It was a good feeling.

It was summer in France and I was doing a lot of walking in the hills and mountains which were covered in flowers so naturally my brief to her was a design in the colours of the flowers of the meadows, and because I am from the Sunshine Coast, one representing the colours of the coast. She didn’t disappoint and offered us a variety to choose from.

We are in the process of manufacturing our Nicoco x Lordy Dordie products from our own small factory in Delhi, and Georgie is still supporting us with her interest and energy.
From the beginning Georgie was easy going, bursting with energy and positivity. She is a true artist, in it for the love of it, to share it and wanting everyone else to have the same."

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