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Jericho Road x LORDy DORDIE COLLAB - Lordy Dordie Art


Chloe Rowe & Kate Russell - Jericho Road Clothing

Jericho Road Clothing x Lordy Dordie Collab 

"Back in 2018, we worked on a 3-part collaboration with Georgie from Lordy Dordie which included the very popular ’Neon Natives’, ‘Wattle Ya Do’ and ‘Pipedream’ prints. From the first moment we saw Georgie’s art, we just knew that we wanted to work with her and were so keen to see how it would look on textiles. The whole process from start to finish was an absolute dream. Georgie’s positivity is infectious and her artwork is a true reflection of her as a person- pure joy! As we expected, our Lordy Dordie collaboration was very well received by our customers and to this day, the Neon Natives print remains one of our best sellers. Georgie brought so much enthusiasm and a whole heap of knowledge to our project together and we can’t wait to work with her again! "

Artist Chit Chat with Georgie and Jericho Road Clothing

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