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Travel Paintbrush Set

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Picture a rainbow paintbrush that is so comfortable in your hand, that it sparks your creativity like never before. 🎨 Designed by an artist for creatives on the move, this set of 7 detailed brushes is your passport to painting freedom wherever you roam!

These brushes are conveniently compact, making them ideal for carrying in your pocket or packing in your Lordy Dordie Watercolour travel palettes. The lightweight aluminum handles are perfectly balanced for a comfortable and satisfying grip, and can be easily unscrewed to assemble the full paintbrush. When not in use, the hollow metal handle protects the brush and preserves its pristine condition. Crafted from aluminum, these handles offer both durability and a sturdy hand feel - no wobbling here!

But that's not all - our brushes feature comfortable high-quality synthetic nylon bristles and offer a unique combination of 6 pointed tips and 1 flat tip in a full brush body, providing a generous pigment capacity. These brushes allow for a perfect balance of precision and flexibility, that can be altered by adjusting the pressure throughout the stroke. With a wide variety of sizes to choose from, there's a brush for every creative need.

From watercolors and gouache to acrylics and fine detail oils, these brushes are jack-of-all-trades that can handle anything. Whether you're adding intricate details, making sweeping strokes, or filling in larger spaces, the Travel Paintbrush Set by Lordy Dordie is your go-to companion.

Pair this travel paintbrush set with the Lordy Dordie Watercolour Travel Sets for the ideal on-the-go watercolour toolkit!


PAINTBRUSH SIZES |  This Paintbrush travel brush set contains 7 Aluminium brushes in the following sizes:

  • #1 Diameter
  • #2 Diameter 2.02mm, Length 13mm
  • #3 Diameter 2.02mm, Length 13mm
  • #4 Diameter 2.02mm, Length 13mm
  • #5 Diameter 2.02mm, Length 13mm
  • #6 Diameter 3.60mm, Length 19mm
  • #7 Diameter 5.70mm, Length 25mm10x25.5cm 

PAINTBRUSH DETAILS |  The paintbrush shaft is made of an aluminium ferrule canister and the Brush tip are a combination of nylon and wool. The storage bag is crafted from acrylic fabric, while the storage tube is made of 400 gsm cardboard.

BRUSH USES |Suitable for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour & Gouache Paints


  • Each brush comes with a protective coating to maintain its shape during transportation. Prior to use, rinse off the water-soluble coating by holding the brush under running water and gently massaging it to release the softening coating. 
  • The handle unscrews to build a full size brush. The metal handle is hollow to keep the brush pristine and protected when not in use. Ensure maximum longevity for your brushes by storing them inverted in the pouch after each use. 
  • Avoid damaging your brushes by not leaving them standing on their bristles in water. This can significantly decrease their lifespan and cause the bristles to bend and be misshaped. Remember to wash your brushes well and leave them to dry before putting them away. 


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