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Client Love Feedback

  • ""Back in 2018, we worked on a 3-part collaboration with Georgie from Lordy Dordie which included the very popular ’Neon Natives’, ‘Wattle Ya Do’ and ‘Pipedream’ prints. From the first moment we saw Georgie’s art, we just knew that we wanted to work with her and were so keen to see how it would look on textiles. The whole process from start to finish was an absolute dream. Georgie’s positivity is infectious and her artwork is a true reflection of her as a person- pure joy! As we expected, our Lordy Dordie collaboration was very well received by our customers and to this day, the Neon Natives print remains one of our best sellers. Georgie brought so much enthusiasm and a whole heap of knowledge to our project together and we can’t wait to work with her again! ""

    Chloe Rowe & Kate Russell - Jericho Road Clothing

  • ""I discovered Georgina (aka Lordy Dordie) in 2019 after searching for bright, happy and vibrant artwork to feature on our teacher planners. I was immediately drawn in by her work, and felt her style was a good fit for our brand - Mrs Edgar ( I contacted Georgina in regards to obtaining a license to have her art featured on the cover of our 2020 planners. Georgina went above and beyond to show me multiple samples of her artwork in slightly different styles and ensured her files were in high res, print ready format. Georgina's work was first showcased on our 2020 planners, and her work was instantly a favourite by our customers. Due to her work being so loved among our community, and due to having had such a positive experience dealing with Georgina, I approached her once again for our 2021 teacher planner range! As expected, her work has been exceptional - Georgina has one again provided a cheerful, bold and positive piece of art that has made our planners an absolute stand out. I hope to work with Georgina again in the future. Thank you for adding such value (and joy) to our products Georgina!"

    Jo Edgar - Mrs Edgar

  • "I've been lucky enough to work with the talented Georgie on a number of projects - from puzzles and shopper bags to lanyards, facemasks and dog products. Her work is not only incredibly vibrant and energising, she's just so wonderful to work with. Our products with Georgie's art are always so well received by our customers and they always look forward to seeing all the sneak peeks of the new Lordy Dordie goodness we are constantly working on. Thanks Georgie for being an amazing part of our Ruby Olive adventure, we just love having you as one of our incredible artists!"

    Skye Anderton - Ruby Olive

  • "Georgina and I met via one of our EOI rounds. I simply fell in love with her work and just had to team up with her. I mean, who wouldn't want to collaborate with Brisbane's Queen of art, Lordy Dordie! For our first collaboration, we selected "Sunshine" to feature on one of our yoga mats. Sunshine was quite a different style for our brand, but I just knew the bold shapes and pops of colour would transfer beautifully onto a mat. We are both collaborators at heart, so the process of launching the design was hands-on and harmonious, with Georgina's audience embracing our brand from the get-go. Sunshine, was one of our best selling yoga mats of all time and is still requested by customers from around the globe. I would now consider Georgina one of my dear friends and am thrilled to reveal we'll be teaming up again, featuring Ocean Waves, on not one yoga-inspired product but three! Watch this space!"

    Cas Cooke - Yogat