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Shimmer Drops Paint x Lordy Dordie Sample Dot Card

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The Shimmer Drops Paint x Lordy Dordie Sample Dot Card COLLAB offers a great way to try out full range of of highly pigmented, full of shimmer colors.

Each Dot Card has 12 generously sized dot samples of handmade watercolours. These generously sized dot samples enable you to craft your own mini masterpieces, and maybe even create two.

No fillers are used in the production of these paints so they are all highly pigmented. As a result of their processes and high quality ingredients Shimmer Drops paint is highly concentrated in pigment and produces saturated colours that are smooth, buttery and a pleasure to paint with.

Use these metallic watercolours to add dimension to your abstract watercolour painting, to create depth in your landscape paintings or to add extra movement to your hand lettering.

Shimmer Drops handmade watercolour paints are not available from art supply stores. They are made in small batches at our bustling atelier and delivered directly to yours.

Handmade in Melbourne Australia by Shimmer Drops.

Make sure to read all about the paints at their website: Handmade Watercolour Paint | Shimmer, Metallic, Colour Shift Paints – Shimmer Drops Paint and follow them at their socials.

How do I use your paint?

To use these paints you start by putting a drop of water on top of the paint in the pan. Allow it to sit for a few seconds, this will activate the paint. When the paint has been softened by the water you can them dip your wet brush into the paint and begin creating. 

What should I use your paint on?

The best material to use our watercolours on is watercolour paper (either white or black paper). Watercolour paper is very durable, stable and shouldn't distort or buckle under heavy washes. 

Important Information

  • Shimmer Drops Paint is intended for adult use; however, children can use these under adult supervision.
  • Do not ingest or apply on body.
  • Keep away from pets.
  • Paint should be stored in a cool and dry environment.
  • Safe painting techniques should be use as with any paint, wear protective clothing as some pigments may stain fabric and some surfaces.




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